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Fun With Color

My family watched basketball this weekend.  To be sociable, I sat in the room with them.  But, I don’t like basketball, so I got a lot of tangling done.  This is a piece I started over the weekend, but it lacked something.  Color, I thought, so I whipped out my new Sakura Koi watercolors.

It was  still missing something, so I put it aside for later. When I saw today’s Diva challenge was to use LeeAnn’s new tangle Tuxedo, I knew what was missing: that tangle.  I used it in 3 sections that had just been color-washed and the strong contrast with the black was exactly what it needed.  

I finished up by coloring in the few black and white sections using Prismacolor colored pencils brushed and blended with baby oil.  I just learned that I can use baby oil instead of odorless mineral spirits to color-wash pencils.  I love the technique.  Does anyone know about the long-term effects of baby oil?

Diva-tuxedo 1


17 thoughts on “Fun With Color

  1. A beautifull ZIA. The colors are very bright, and beautiful blended. And I agree about the sections you did with Tuxedo, the really finish it with the black contrasts.


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