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Travel Sketches – Alaska Cruise

I spent 5 days at 2 different Zentangle retreats last week, plus the better part of a day waiting in the Atlanta airport. Since I have a water brush, Sakura Koi field kit, and a small sketchbook, I can work just about anywhere.  When I got tired of tangling, I painted.  I don’t love all of the sketches, but I am tickled pink that I got 10 pages done.  



AKcruise 2


AKcruise 1

AKcruise 4

AKcruise 3

AKcruise 6AKcruise 5



AKcruise 7

AKcruise 8

Happy Paint Party Friday!


20 thoughts on “Travel Sketches – Alaska Cruise

  1. These are wonderful! What fabulous memories you have created. I especially love the simple beauty of the first one, and I really like the "stamp" you put on the Icy Strait Point page. Very nice!Happy PPF!Rita


  2. Thanks. Since I now do digital scrapbooks, I use my sketches as the table of contents. It adds a touch of handmade to my computer-produced books.


  3. Beautiful little sketches! So envious that you got to take an Alaskan cruise, it's one of my dream vacations. I also have the Koi watercolor field kit and just love it!


  4. Thanks for sharing your holiday sketches with us… they are fabulous… sorry I am late getting here for PPF but figuring I am just extending the fun… well that is my excuse and I am sticking to it …xx


  5. Your sketches turned out wonderfully!! I feel your holiday in each sketch!! Oh and I bet that zentangle retreat was amazing too!! Have a wonderful week ahead!Hugs Giggles


  6. Cris, these sketches are timeless and wonderful. I did a cruise from Alaska going South in "07. Thanks for sharing, they bring back lots of fond memories. I really like their feeling of serendipity. That inside passage is beautiful.


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