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One Zentangle a Day – Day 37: Monoprint & Tangle Warmth

From you hostess Ellen:
Today’s lesson is about mono printing. And I did not do that part of today’s exercise. I did go to a craft shop this morning to get some material, but the prices was not right for me, so I skipped it.
I did try the tangle warmth. Never done it before, but I liked the effect of the line you draw over and over, or use a different pen on.
So I used it in today’s tile and wanted to see the effect of darkening part of a tangle on a favorite: echoism. Not sure it worked as well as on warmth, but I like the overall effect of the tile.
Cris mentioned the fact that we are on the last chapter op the book. And yes, I would love to get on and do a different book (shading comes to mind), but maybe with the summer coming (hopefully) maybe it’s a good idea to start in October or even November? Maybe we can have a poll? Or just start with a few and see who will join.
Have a great day all and see you next week,


Day 37


I was not very impressed with warmth, until I saw Ellen’s version.  Clearly, she got it better than I did.  We were also to do mono-printing, which I did not do.  I just did a beginner class on Saturday, so I thought I would use it with the traditional first class string. I must say that I truly hated this until I shaded it.  I also tried a new tangle Kuke by Katy Abbott.  I definitely did that one too small.


From Maria Vennekens:

Todays new pattern  Warmth is a rather poor tangeleation of Keeko. So I decided to go over my boundaries and try the color exercise. As I did not have the materials that are listed on the page I tried to do it with inktence pencils on a tyvek “paper” wich I pressed as described on a soaked tile. The result was a very bold unclear drawing. Totally not zentangle and  not attractive (as the the exemples in the book are  – except the two on the right of the page) I tried to save it by working over the bold shapes with a brown and green micron. Also I used color pencils to give some shading, but even that did not save the tile. Hope someone else shows up with better work.


I will not work on fabric so do not expect a contribution for day 38.   

IMG 8309

And finally, here is Marty Deckel’s contribution:
Here’s Day 37..I have two, but I didn’t do the mono printing part of the lesson…seemed very involved and I don’t have some of the materials.  Instead, I did a tile with the Daily Tangle, Warmth, and added Poke Leaf.  I used it as a border, (tile-a), as Maria did in her Wednesday, 4/3/13, blog “Bordering on Reverie”, and bordered a pin (tile-b) that was my mother’s…it was so much fun!!  I used 08 and 01 Microns, brown and yellow Inktense pencils, a water brush, and clear and gold Gelly Roll pens, and, of course, graphite for shading. 

Day  37a OZAD


Day  37b OZAD

Wow. That is simply perfect!

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