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Birds on a Wire

This week’s challenge is to use Mary Kissel’s Bird on a Wire tangle.  When I first saw this one, I thought it looked very similar to my own tangle, esses. At the very least, I thought they would play well together.  Whenever I use a lacy tangle like this, I want to put it in a Zendala, so here is my first attempt, paired with esses and colored with Prismacolor pencils.

2013 06 04 22 42 15

Birdie has gotten me hooked on Dr. Who and has been trying to get me “caught up.” We’re in the middle of David Tennant and as much as I love watching that guy, it is hard for me to just sit and watch TV without doing something else. So, here are some “wibbly, wobbly, timey, wimey tangles.”  

2013 06 04 22 42 31

2013 06 04 22 42 392013 06 04 22 42 50

Are there any Whovians reading my blog? 

15 thoughts on “Birds on a Wire

  1. Yes, I'm a Whovian, and I think these fit the "wibbly wobbly" theme just perfectly! It's so fun catching up on these shows, because you don't have to wait a week for another episode! 😉 My husband and I just got into it last year, and now that we're caught up, we're sort of in withdrawal from not having "new" episodes to watch whenever we want.Your tangles are wonderful! Now I've got to try Birds on a Wire.


  2. I know exactly what you mean. Birdie just told me that we only have 6 more available on Netflix and my immediate reaction was, "NO! I NEED MY DOCTOR."


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