Art from the road

Birdie and i are just beginning a wonderful summer adventure. We are at the tail end of a National parks tour and are more excited than we could imagine to be staying in one hotel for 4 nights. Since we left home last Thursday morning, we have spent the night in Rapid City, SD, Custer State Park, Cody, WY, Spearfish Canyon, Mammoth Hot Springs (Yellowstone), Old Faithful Inn (Yellowstone), and are now in Jackson, WY. I think we have done a month worth of traveling in the last week, but I wouldn’t have missed a minute of it.
Despite everything we did, Birdie and I still found some time to do some art. We shared a picnic table with an interesting couple of campers during an unexpected stop this afternoon. The man said, “There is no reasona to do art unless you can’t stop yourself.” How is that for something to think about?
While you are pondering, here is some of the art we’ve been doing. First, here are Birdie’s tangles and watercolors. I just love her animals.

I got a few pages done in last my travel journal from last year and made som Zentangle thank you tiles for our terrific guides.

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Location:Jackson, Wyoming

12 thoughts on “Art from the road

  1. The zentangles and the paintings are all entertaining and lovely. I have been in that area a number of times since it contains our favorite flyfishing locations. The west is so gorgeous. I know you are having a wonderful time.


  2. We've taken that same trip so many times from California and back and never tire of it, hope you saw a lot of buffalo! Love the moose! And your long horned ram! My favorite. Haven't seen one in a couple of years.


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