More Challenges

Hello! We are back from a wonderful trip out west.  It felt like we were in a different world and time rather than just different states and timezones. We went from intermittent, spotty internet availability to no internet, no cell phone, and no TV.  Wow! 

As you might imagine, the unspoiled beauty was inspiring. My art skills were not up to the task of capturing it in paint, but I got some beautiful photography.  Aperture statistics say I took 2449 pictures in 2 countries, 7 states, and 33 cities.  It will take me some time to sort through them all.  

In the meantime, here are my entries for the last two Diva challenges. Last week we were to use a stencil or something on hand to trace for our string.  I had my minimal Zentangle kit with me on the road, so the only thing I could find to trace that I haven’t already used was my Square reader.  (Note the beautiful Nooksack River in the background.)


This week’s challenge was to create a duo-tangle using Cirquital and Opus.  As usual, I just grabbed what was handy, which happened to be a Zendala tile, sepia brush pen, and some metallic pens.  This was a fun one.  



Hope you enjoy them.  Now, I’m off to the challenge of laundry and mail… Have a good week.



19 thoughts on “More Challenges

  1. Welcome home…isn't travel inspiring? We travel in the winter, but in the summer we live on an island with no cars and no tv…spotty internet and telephone service. I've ordered your book. The marina called yesterday to say we have a package…so I hope that's it. Going to the mainland later in the week. Can't wait! (Can't wait to see pix of your triip.)


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