This week’s Diva challenge is to use a two-pencil string. Fun! I took my hair elastic and put two pencils together and used it like a calligraphy pen to come up with this string:


I like the flow of this one and went on a quest for some cool “ribbon-y” tangles.  I used Onomato, Snailz, striping, and betweed but then I wanted something different. I came a new tangle I call icing.  (I even did step-outs, just for you, my wonderful readers.)

Once I filled in these, I really liked it.  Wish I’d taken a picture at this point, because once I started putting in background, I seemed to be unable to stop.  By the time I took a breath, it had taken turn for the worse.  


See, too busy.  By the way, icing, is the tangle that goes around the “equator” of the tile.  

I took this beast to dinner with Sonya and she gave me some great suggestions to help increase the contrast and now it is acceptable again.


So, if you are wondering about the quest, I went on it tonight. I looked everywhere for the step-outs for icing, with no luck. Since I did them on the back of a receipt, I am sure they are in the trash.  However, while I was looking, I did find the notice that our property taxes are due tomorrow. So, just like in Zentangle, my quest went off in an unexpected direction.

If anyone wants me to redo the step-outs for icing, please comment. 

Hope you find what you are looking for this week!






16 thoughts on “Quests

  1. Goodness – what a beauty you ended up with. Paula (PEP)Love that banded pattern you've used for the tiles background – you've given me a quest to identify that background tangle that looks a bit like crescent moon but isn't.


  2. Paula, if the background is a tangle, it is not one I've seen before. I started out thinking I would do 'nzeppel, but as soon as I got one set of grid lines, I thought they needed an aura. Then I decided I would like to see what happens if I could do a "reverse Crescent moon" with the center white and the aura darker. Well, what you see is the result of that experiment.


  3. This is stunning!! Yes please, can we see the steps for icing. I would also love to pick your brain about your translucence technique. Those beads!!! Whatever you can share, I will absorb like a sponge.


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