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Today was a great day at the HOOT conference. We did more make & take tangled shell necklaces.   It can be a bit difficult trying to draw a straight line on a lumpy surface, but we told them that there are no mistakes and to just “let go and let Zentangle.”  I was really impressed with how well these newbies did.  These ladies love theirs and were great ambassadors for Zentangle.  We had a lot of people come by to make their own.



Alexa and I also got to tangle on porcelain. The nice ladies from Porcelain Treasures of Ohio wanted to see how Zentangle would look on their wares and gave us a few gratis to try. Wow. The texture is simply fabulous. The ink spreads like cream and it has just enough tooth to allow for some great shading.

I love Birdie’s cross. 



Finally, the highlight of my day was a private painting lesson with Donna Dewberry.  


She’s doing oils now.  Fun!  Have a great weekend.


7 thoughts on “More From Hoot

  1. What a fun idea…Zentangles on shells. Would definitely be a different kind of challenge! Love that cross and heart, too. Sounds like you had lots of fun. Happy PPF! xo, janice


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