Dex at the Beach

This weeks diva challenge is todos Monotangle of Dex. Since I am at the beach, of course I used my new favorite surface, shells.

Just get all the sand off and you are good to go. Micron works great. Jelly roll takes a bit more patience.

Monotangle with aura.

Dex in the round. Would that be a dexdala? I needed the guidelines and it bugs me that I can’t erase them without smearing the ink, but I still think it is pretty cool.

And here are some more I’ve been playing with. I sold 20 of them at the HOOT convention so I figured I better make some more. They make cute necklaces.

Location:Myrtle beach

21 thoughts on “Dex at the Beach

  1. I am trying to tangle on a seashell with a Micron pen and it keeps smudging–even hours later. I tried using a craft heat dryer on it, but it only works for a while, then smudges again….can you offer any help?


    1. I really can’t say for sure. I haven’t had that problem, but I don’t actually try to rub off the ink and they done get much wear. You could try using a microperm pen. Or maybe spray with fixative or hairspray.


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