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More Color

Went to Urgent Care yesterday because I suspected that my ‘flu’ was really bronchitis.  I was right.  And I am happy to report that the 7 prescriptions (!) are beginning to work.  I still cannot think clearly, but I am able to at least sit up which is an improvement, since I’ve been mostly lying on the couch since Saturday.

I’m also happy to report that I can still tangle, even with my brain fog.  Here is today’s project.  Mostly Zig markers over a watercolor wash.  With accents of Marvy white Reminisce pen, Prismacolor purple marker, Green perm opaque, and chalk.  I was also heavily influenced by a piece of Sonya Yencer’s are that is sitting here waiting for our new book.



14 thoughts on “More Color

  1. Thanks. I am pleased with it. Something I found quite interesting was that when I put the hair spray on it to keep the pastels from rubbing off, the Prismacolor pen (the purple) got super intense. I thought it was going to bleed, but it just got darker. It made a nice focal point. This is the Zendala you painted at my house with my fancy paint powders.


  2. Frisky? I need better drugs for that. But I have been enjoying doing some art without over-analyzing everything. (I think know why some artists did drugs while painting…)


  3. Geez, I hope you get well soon! I guess it was a good thing to go to the urgent care. Your artwork turned out great. I like the colors and different pencils you used. The effect is great and the patterns you chose work really well together.


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