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Fengle Frenzy?

This week, Laura, aka “the Diva” challenged us to tangle using only 2 tangles: Quandary and Fengle. Yikes. Not my favorite tangles by any stretch of the imagination. I like both of these tangles when other people do them, I just never like mine very well.

So I started, and I started, and I started. Finally, I got one with the “arms” of the fengle almost even. There wasn’t enough room for another arm, so the quandary escaped and began to float away.

My next tile was a little crooked and kind of “blah”, so I abandoned that and tried making one bigger to see if I could draw the arms even. This one is better, but not great.

I really wanted to add more tangles, but that’s not allowed for the challenge, so I got my pencil out to see if shading would help.  Guess what?  That was all it needed.

It made such a difference on this one that I went back and shaded the second tile.  It looks OK now, too.  

As usual, if I had followed the Zentangle process to completion, including shading, and withholding judgement, it would have made a huge difference in my enjoyment of the time I spent tangling. I hope you learn from my lesson and enjoy the process!  Have a great week.

16 thoughts on “Fengle Frenzy?

  1. I hope all your Quandry does not escape. I like that one but I agree with you that the shading of the second really adds to it. Like your comment about the process, I think sometimes even when we know it we have to experience it to reinforce it.


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