Sharing Christmas Cheer

At this time of year, people think of giving.  We give gifts to our family, friends, teachers, hairdressers, babysitters, and co-workers. We send money to our alma maters, drop change in bell-ringers’ kettles, buy food for local food banks, and send checks to our favorite charities. I know that money is especially tight at this time of year, but I would like to ask you to please consider opening your pockets and your hearts a tiny bit wider.

I just learned that St. Vincent’s Center for Handicapped Children in Port-au-Prince, Haiti has been without electricity for several days because with the rising cost of food, they have had to divert funds in their electricity budget to buy food. If you can spare just $3, it will feed a child for a day. If enough of us give $3, it can make a world of difference.

For more information about the crisis at St. Vincent’s, please see  The Red Thread Promise blog.

If you want to feed a child and get a gift for yourself, I offer you Seeing Stars: a Zentangle Constellation, an e-book I wrote based on a popular workshop I held earlier this month. 

This 29-page book contains 

  • Complete full-color instructions and templates for creating 3-dimensional star ornaments
  • 21 original tangled stars with space to color or add your own tangles
  • These same stars dressed up in bright red and green or gold and silver, as inspiration or to cut and fold
  • A third version of each star intricately tangled and shaded 
  • 25 poetic quotes about stars for dreamers or card-makers
  • A coupon for $4 off an autographed copy of Made in the Shade (good until 1/14/2014).

The book is available as an instant download on my etsy shop.

Every book sold will feed a child for a day.

Please share this post with your friends and co-workers and help send some hope – and food – to these children who need it so much.

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