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Another Upcycled Painting

Last week’s painting save was so much fun and turned out so well that I decided to try it again. I found this week’s ‘treasure’ as I was tidying up the studio. It was a quick plein-air sketch I did last year in Glacier, Washington.

As a painting, it is a fail; as a tool to help me remember, it is a success.

Step 1 was to crop it so that I could cut it into ATCs.


Step 2 was to rule cutting lines and add hints. On each section, I marked the top edge and drew a map to show how to reassemble the painting. Then cut out the cards.


Like last week, I used different tangles on each card and attempted to follow the lines of the paint. But there was so little detail on this one that I had to improvise, especially on the far bank, where it was heavily forested in real life and had no detail in the painting. I wanted to add interest to the stream without making it too dark, so I tangled it in silver.


This extra tangling made the ATCs pop.


Unlike the last one, I like the ATCs better than the whole, but I do think I will make a few more severed landscapes. Happy PPF!

11 thoughts on “Another Upcycled Painting

  1. I enjoyed last weeks, as it was not so controlled. By putting numbers so you could put it back together you lost the discovery. Why cut it apart if you are intentionally tangling each part separate, but when put together it looks contrived. Keep working at it…art is expressive…


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