“Focusing is about saying No.”
― Steve Jobs

I have been focusing on my book, saying no to hours on facebook, blogging, housework.  (That last one is not really a hardship.) So, it may be quiet here for the next week or so while we put the finishing touches on Pattern Play: a Zentangle Creativity Workbook. It is at the exciting stage where the art is finished, 90% of everything is laid out,  IT HAS A NAME, and it’s time for finishing touches.

Despite the focus, I can’t say no to tangling. I need it to calm my mind and help with that focus. This week’s Diva Challenge is to do the new official tangle Aquafleur. This is a beautiful tangle, but it is definitely one that requires a more than average amount of focus. It is amazing how much better I can write after I’ve spent some time focusing on my tangling.


I hope if you need to focus that you give this tangle a try.

— Cris

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16 thoughts on “Focus

  1. Good luck with you book and time management! If you figure that one out let me know! Your aquafleur is just so full of life! I love it


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