This Makes Me Happy

“We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.” 
— Bob Ross
Patty, one of my regular Zentangle students, never leaves a workshop without at least once exclaiming, “This makes me happy.” There is no higher praise in my mind. Besides the simple joy of creating, tangling encourages happiness by reminding us to:
  1. Begin creating with an open mind, unconstrained by expectations.
  2. Accept what happens without judgement.
  3. Keep going until you are happy with the result.
Number 3 is not official Zentangle philosophy, but it is something I remind my students of constantly.
I suppose some of my teaching must have rubbed off on me. As I sat down to paint, I picked up my brush and realized that painting makes me happy again. I’ve started to let go of expectations and paint with joy. I’m not worrying about the rules or even what the painting is “supposed to” look like. 
inside a jelly
(This jelly goes in the bottom left of the series I from PPF 2 weeks ago.) This one makes me happy.
Have a great week. Create with Joy!

10 thoughts on “This Makes Me Happy

  1. Love your happy jellyfish.
    You know, I just did that with my latest painting, not worrying about such things but when I returned to it and took it more seriously ( applied rules) it kinda of ran away from me…lol….still working on it.
    I suppose I should try painting it with less expectations and more joy! Thanks for the advise.

    Annabelle : )


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