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A Rose by any other name?

No time for the Diva challenge this week, but I thought I’d share what we did at today’s Tuesday Morning Tangle Club. We are so sick of all of the snow, but the days are getting longer, so spring must be on the way. Even if we can’t tell by the thermometer. To get us in the mood, today we tangled roses. Actually, we tangled some of the glorious pictures of roses from one of the myriad garden catalogs that are piling up around here.

I love this technique because there is no drawing or coloring involved and the results are stunning. Simply use the petals of the rose as your string and tangle as much or as little as you’d like. I like using black Micron on red roses. Pam had the brilliant idea of using sepia on the yellow and peach roses for a softer look. The natural shadows on the photograph show through the tangling, so you don’t even need to shade. 

Rose patty

Patty did a pink rose for her sister’s birthday. She is super fast and also tangled 2 more roses and started a collage.

Rose patty collage

Mary tangled her rose, added a mat, and then mounted it on watercolor paper and tangled that also. I like the layers. (You don’t get to see it all because she didn’t want me to show you the part that wasn’t finished yet! She is as deliberate as Patty is fast.)

Rose mary

Pam chose a rose that was too big to fit inside a mat, so she just glued hers directly to the watercolor paper, which she had tinted with watercolor pencils.

Rose pam

Finally, here is mine. I had already done some “random” tangling and decided to start this one by drawing contour lines on all of the petals. Then I chose tangles to fit the lines, like Sue Clark’s Falz, Onomato, and Shattuck. I also decided it would be fun to gild it, so I used my gold Gelly Roll to add a touch of gold to edges of each of the petals.

Rose mine

Now I really must get back to that book. We have set a date: April 5. Deadlines are good. They help me focus.


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