Pattern Play: Crescent Moon & Diva Dance

This week’s Diva challenge is to use two official tangles: Crescent Moon and Diva Dance. One I love and use all of the time. The other, well, if you happen to look in the archives, I believe you will see it once. It is good to do these kinds of challenges, though. It keeps the brain working, especially the creative side. If you also like exploring tangles and challenging yourself to be more creative, then I think you’ll like my new book: Pattern Play: a Zentangle Creativity Workout. Find out more about it on our Kickstarter page. 

Pattern play: crescent moon diva dance

If you like this blog or Made in the Shade, I humbly ask you to please consider backing this project. I need your help to make this book all I know it can be. If it sounds good to you, please consider sharing it with your friends.

7 thoughts on “Pattern Play: Crescent Moon & Diva Dance

  1. I am impressed that you are so creative as to think of using Kickstarter. Good for you and good luck. I will look forward to receiving your book.


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