Better Late than Never

Today Sonya and I had a great time teaching from our book, Pattern Play, even though the book still isn’t quite done. As you can see, our students had a great time also. We showed 3 original tangles from the book and gave lots and lots of ideas on how to personalize them

Sonya demonstrates brazelet as an accent to Gurtel

Sonya demonstrating bracelet along with gurtel. They work so well together.

IMG 0470

Yep. Patty sure got the hang of it!

Michelle's tanglesIMG 0472IMG 0462IMG 0461IMG 0464

And, also with the theme of better late than never. Here is my Diva challenge: Quandary. I still don’t think I have it right, but I like how nicely it plays with tripoli. This was done with a Creative Memories silver precious element pen on a black Zendala. I added green accents with a permapaque pen and decided it looked amazing on the Zentangle kit box. So, we used clear packing tape to ‘laminate’ it there permanently.

Lots of creative energy was flowing this morning!

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