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Tangling in Florida, Part 1

I am so happy to have a portable hobby! Keeping myself busy on the plane rides from Columbus to Orlando:TanglingInFL Part1A

Keeping myself busy on a 3+ hour layover in ATL:

TanglingInFL Part1F

Rixty challenge, with Assunta because it is Maria’s birthday tangle. Tangleations of Rixty galore.

TanglingInFL Part1B

Teaching my tangle esses to Sindy P, and Jo-Ellen. Started at a restaurant in Orlando.

TanglingInFL Part1D

Improved Rixty challenge with a possibly new tangle: BUL. (Does this tangle already exist?) Done at Seaworld.

TanglingInFL Part1C

Done at Universal Studios, with another possibly new tangle: croonstick (on the right)

TanglingInFL Part1E

It was a busy week. See what else I did in Part 2.

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