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A Hint of Hideaway

I spent the most relaxing weekend at the CZT Hideaway. I was so busy tangling that I forgot to take pictures! I used to take hundreds in a weekend like this, but I only have a dozen. So, here is a hint of the hideaway.

Our “welcoming committee:”


Our nighttime treats:


My “wrapping paper” is last week’s WELL/PUNZEL challenge.


And a gift for Angie: Illuminated letter using the challenge tangles and embellished with a butterfly die cut. Fun!


Selfie fail:


Zentrail challenge (missing a few) Can you pick out mine? (See below)


Get well wishes:

IMG 4664

Gift for Kim using the napkin, plate, and ModPodge to make a frame:


Campfire fun:


Not done at the Hideaway, but used the luscious Glaze pens I won there: this week’s Diva challenge – Rain (bow):

Rain bow

OK – Did you figure out which of the Zentrail challenges was mine? I am the one who mixed up Aquafleur and Auraknot.


Now, back to working on the Kickstarter, getting ready for class today and tomorrow, daughter’s confirmation tonight, art show Friday, and out of town weekend for great niece’s baptism. Glad I have Zentangle to help me keep calm!


11 thoughts on “A Hint of Hideaway

    1. We had clear square plastic plates and cocktail napkins printed with a square frame. Both looked like they were sized just for Zentangle tiles. I didn’t want to tangle on the napkin because it is too flimsy and I new the ink would bleed. So, I cut out around the frame on the napkin and used Mod-Podge to adhere it to the back of the plate so that it would be visible through the plastic. I then used my Identapen to tangle directly on the plastic plate outside the napkin. Voila – a frame for a tile. The inside is just a renaissance tile accented with various metallic inks and gelly roll pens.


  1. Thanks for sharing these photo’s they give us an idea how pleasant it was. Your Rain tile is very pretty!


  2. Visiting from the Diva’s challenge. All of your work is lovely. I especially love the Rain tile. What a fun idea to turn it into a rainbow. It’s such a happy piece. Thanks for sharing. I almost never use color to tangle, but you’ve got me seriously considering it.


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