Last week, I posted a renaissance zendala on my Facebook page and mentioned that I don’t feel very zen when I do them. This generated a lot of discussion and someone told me to just pick a pen at random.  So, I picked a Zendala at random, then a pen at random, and began with Bugles, Joyce Evans’s tangle that is the subject of this week’s Diva Challenge. This is not a tangle I would have chosen for this Zendala, so that was a definite challenge. I guess it is true that you can adapt any tangle to any space.

This tile went through a very long awkward phase, but it turned out OK in the end. I think the reason I like Renaissance tiles & Zendalas so much is that you can always just fill a section white if you don’t know what tangle to use!Renzen5


14 thoughts on “Bugles

  1. Beautiful, I love the shaded circle around your zendala. Gives it so much dimension. And yes your wright about tan and white coloring. I love to work on those tan tiles too.

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    1. Joyce, sorry I was in such a hurry that I credited the wrong person. I’ll change it. Must be strange lighting and odd colors on your monitor. No green here. I used a #4B graphite pencil, white GellyRoll, Zenstone, and the black and sepia pens. Thanks.


  2. Hey Cris – just got my copy of “Pattern Play” I’m so excited!
    Here is the comment I put on my Facebook page. Wish I had more friends so more people could hear about it
    Got my copy of Cris Letourneau and Sonya Yencer’s KickStarter book “Pattern Play” – it is wonderful!! I’m so glad it got funded and I must say I’m pretty happy I was part of it. I know everyone says their book is “unique” but this one is – makes you look at the basic tangle patterns in an entirely new way and gets your creative juices revved up to make tangleations…Well worth the investment!



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