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I’m Glowing!

I’m still glowing from the CZT training, even though I’ve been back from CZT training for just over a week. A lot has changed in 3 years, but the best parts are still the same:

  • the generosity, amiability, and sincerity of all Rick & Maria and of the people from Zentangle
  • the sense of belonging to a caring and supportive community
  • the thoughtful, peaceful, and informative classes
  • the delight of meeting Zentangle enthusiasts from all over the world
  • and lots and lots of tangling

Highlights of the trip in pictures instead of words:

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I’m also aglow because Pattern Play is now widely available. Thanks to everyone who has already purchased a copy. Many CZTs have ordered for their students. Have a CZT? Ask her if she is going to carry it. Direct link to Amazon is here.

And, finally, since this is the Diva challenge. Here is a glowing Zendala. It is a Renaissance Zendala, of course, that I tinted with white, brown, and tan watercolor pencils. I just may have to do a class on this technique. It is so fun and easy.

glowing paradox
glowing paradox


15 thoughts on “I’m Glowing!

  1. Just literally unwrapped Pattern Play and haven’t even opened it yet but CAN’T WAIT to get started! Yay! Very exciting. Sounds like you went to CZT training twice?


  2. Cris, I can feel your excitement. I am a CZT 13 and would love to go again. Thank you for your mini update on the seminar.

    I own two of your books now…Made in the Shade and Pattern Play. Love them! I did get the pattern one coiled as I couldn’t work in the book properly and I didn’t want to bend it too hard. So thank you for your books….the attention to detail is most appreciated. Keep up the great work. I look forward to future ones. You have an interesting view on tangles and I really like that. Please pass on my appreciation to your partner as well. I am sure the two of you worked closely together…it shows in the product.

    Sincerely, Cathrine Nicols Edmonton,Alberta …Canada


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    1. Sorry you had to go to the trouble of getting it coiled, but I am glad that you are going to work in the book. So many people are worried that they will “ruin” it, but I think working in it makes it more valuable and it becomes a great tool. So glad you like the book.


  3. Hello Cris,  Maria Perez, writing you from Spain. CZT June 2014!! It’s benn very nice to know you personally, and saw you drawing directly. I love your Paradox star. Greetins!!   

    Enviado desde Samsung tablet

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