In Love… with Bijou!

(Sorry if you’re seeing this twice. I couldn’t resist linking to the Bijou Challenge. Will do another later.)

Birdie and I had a fabulous time in London and on our UK cruise. I took a vacation from cell phone, computer games, email, and Facebook. I even took a break from tangling. After attending Tangle U, CZT Hideaway, and CZT Seminar 14 plus getting Pattern Play published, I was a bit burned out with Zentangle. <gasp>

This week, I shared Zentangle the Ohio State Fair and since I didn’t have any projects started, I thought I should try using one of the new Bijou tiles that we were introduced to at the Zentangle 14 seminar back in June.

Bijou in France!Bijou is named after a snail Rick and Maria met in France who hitchhiked home with them. I wonder if this little guy we met near Rouen, France is any relation?

When I first met Bijou, I will admit that it was not love at first sight. Why another tile choice? But, I had them, so I gave them a try. I am so glad I did! When the original tiles came out, there was a rumor that you could finish one in 15 minutes. I’ve never found that to be true. But, the tiny Bijou is only about 1/4 the size of a standard tile and really can be done in 15 minutes. What a wonderful feeling of accomplishment! It is so fun to sit for a few minutes and create something to tiny and cute.


Anti-clockwise from Bijou:

  • Initials duo tangle: this week’s Diva Challenge: CL – Cubine and Lochar.
  • (center) A good example of my philosophy that you should keep going until you like the result. It started out with a frame, but I tangled right over it. Can you spot Bijou?
  • Tripoli/mooka duo tangle from seminar 14
  • Demo: bales and paradox
  • C-R-I-S tangle: Crescent moon, Rain, Isochar, and Seton, (from Pattern Play) because Lochar is the only official tangle that starts with L and it will never be one of my favorites.

Give Bijou a try! You’ll be glad you did.


20 thoughts on “In Love… with Bijou!

  1. Sweet! I didn’t love the thought of a tiny tile either, yet I received my order in the mail today and am hyped to get started!


  2. Like you I wasn’t too sure when I first read about them, but quickly became a convert. And as your examples prove – you can pack a lot more on that you expect to.


  3. I totally agree that it wasn’t love at first sight but definitely at second and third try! They are fun to do, especially when I am busy and want to create something but don’t have tons of time to spend!


  4. Beautiful !
    Amazing details, so clean and elegant.
    My favorite is the top right (which I immediately called “the waterfall” …)


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