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First, the Diva challenge, for those who come just for that. This week, we’re to use stripes. When I saw that, I laughed out loud. You might think Laura was at our church yesterday as Birdie looked around and whispered, “Do there seem to be an awful lot of people wearing stripes today?” There were. Here are some more:

Diva182 stripes002

This little piece was a lot of fun and very quick to do. I now have a tip for speeding up tangling: use a bigger pen! I know; it sounds so simple, but I grabbed an 04 instead of an 01 and just flew through this tile. Not to the point that it was not relaxing. Quite the contrary.

In contrast, here is another piece that I have been working on for many, many hours. It was relaxing for the first 10 or so hours. Then it progressed to tedious. Like a narcissistic lover, it just kept demanding more of my time. The things we put up with for beauty!

Golden swirls001

Is it done? I asked that question at least 15 hours ago, before the crescent moon, before the black Prismacolor and before the highlights on the copper pearls. The jury is still out, but I think it might be done now.

Finally, the news.

I have been promising for a while and many of you will be happy to know that I have finally finished my class schedule for fall! You can see the listing on the Class page or download the catalog by clicking here.

I’m having an open house in the Zen Den to celebrate. Mark your calendar for Friday, September 5, 7:30 pm. Come tangle with me. Meet Bijou, enjoy some refreshments, and be the first to sign up for fall classes.

As always, thanks for stopping by. Have a great week.




20 thoughts on “News

  1. Your tangled art is simply amazing & I never get tired of looking at it. I love both of these pieces, but the 2nd one is a stunner!! Oh, how I wish you could teach in our area. I have found 1 CZT in my area. She did a basic class, said she would do more, but was never heard from again.


  2. love your comment about people wearing stripes! Some nice tangles in your stripes tile. The tangle with the pearls is exquisite. Those pearls are to die for. Art rewards patience.

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  3. Oh, these are both just terrific. I love the stripe tile, clearly a “breather” for you. I think finery is such a nice pattern, and I like your use of it here…

    but the second one is STUNNING! my goodness, it is so roccoco! The details are interesting…my eye finds more and more to dwell on, the longer I look at it. It does look like it took a long time, and you took a lot of care with it. And I agree with the others: It is done. 🙂

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  4. Cris, I love your books and am in awe of that second piece! You are on a much different level than I am, but I laughed about you not knowing if it was done or not. I have that problem all the time! Usually I realize I was finished after I go a step too far and can’t go back. /: Thanks for sharing your art!

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  5. Firstly, the Challenge tile – it’s great. I really like the combination of patterns and the way Finery fits in there really takes me by surprise. You’ve somehow managed stripes and organic together and it works so well.

    And then there’s the second piece. Ooooooo, so very lovely. No specific comments, just – I wish, I wish I wish…

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  6. Great depth on the first one and the second is really lovely. I can imagine how much work it was, but you make it look like it was effortless—the mark of an artist.

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  7. Beautiful work on both. Love the freedom of your first and the perfection of your larger piece. It looks totally complete, beeeaaaautious!


  8. Love them both. The 2nd is of course GORGEOUS! An infinite treat for the eyes. Finished depends on how far you want to take it. It is definitely a fine piece as is, but if you wanted to add just a hint more depth you could shade the beaded areas more but it certainly isn’t necessary.


  9. Not sure I can add a whole lot to what has been said. These two are so different. Like the border in the first. It is very angular. the second just flows across the page. Great highlighting.


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