X-Did NOT!

You know how the Diva’s weekly challenge is called, um, a challenge. This week, it was aptly named. We were challenged to use the tangle called X-did. I tried. Really. I will spare you the 6 pages in my sketchbook. I just cannot get my mind around this tangle doing it step by step. I finally resorted to just copying. Sometimes, a girl’s just gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. I thought some brightly colored gel pens would help. Nope.


That is enough time spent on that.

On to better things: this week’s golden swirls.  Yes, I liked last week’s Golden Swirls so much that I had it framed and spent some time this week making another using the same colors and media. Perhaps it is the start of a series. If so, here is the second installment: Swirl Flower.

Swirl flower001

Also, for my local friends, don’t forget about my open house on Friday. You are welcome to stop by from noon-2 or 7:30-10 pm. Please RSVP so I can make a favor for you. Have a great week!



17 thoughts on “X-Did NOT!

  1. Wow! Just wow! It might have been a journey, but you should be quite happy about where you and x-did ended up. As for your other piece—simply lovely.

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  2. Still, congrats on the six-pak trying.
    Especially since the Golden Swirlies are where your head and hands and heart
    want to dwell, right now.
    I never even bothered.
    It was X-Didn’t from the get-go for me

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  3. I hear you on x-did being such a challenge. I don’t have a problem doing it right, but finding inspiration to do something creative with it is stumping me. I haven’t posted a piece yet. And btw, I think yours is terrific. LOVE the color! It reminds me of a quilt or maybe a Native American blanket.
    And of course your elegant swirl flowers are thrilling to see.

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  4. Wow!
    I like your X-Did results very much, Cris. I too am finding it a challenge in the deepest sense of the word! I actually like when this happens—it stretches my brain, and I’m determined to get it. Thanks for the great inspiration.

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  5. Wow Cris, what a difference between the two pieces. The x-did with such bright colorss, drawn very straigt, and then the second one with the golden swirls spooken out of your heart! Awesome!

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  6. You beat me. I gave up after 4 pages in my sketchbook and just went with what I had. I think the gel pens are fine. Sometimes if you can’t be elegant you just have to go with the circus music. There’s a place for each in the world.

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