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Back in June, at CZT 14, Molly introduced her new tangle ING. And now the Diva has challenged us to use it. At first, I thought i would just save the tiles I did from the seminar since I wasn’t planning on using this one! But, being my usually organized self, I have misplaced them.

Since I had to do it again, I figured at least I’d see what I could do to make it a little less angular. All those hard edges and points do not appeal. Reminds me of a gangly teenager. So, I picked a tile that I had strung as 1/4 of a Zendala. Guess what? ING done with curves looks like the brother of Betweed.

ING diva184 dragonair Cris

Since, Birdie had her wisdom teeth extracted today, I had more time to tangle than usual. While she was lying on the couch, I did a study of ING and Flux in black. I really enjoy black tiles. You can get such a dramatic result with so little time!

ING diva184 black

Finally, here is the tile I did while Birdie was having her procedure done. Praying in tangles.

Renaissance onomato cross

And on an entirely different note, the open house last Friday was a blast. If you couldn’t make it, have a look on my Facebook page for the pictures. Bijou tiles will be in the shop soon. Also, if you want to learn Zentangle and are in the Central Ohio area, this is your week. I have beginner classes on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

20 thoughts on “Tangle-ING

  1. Do not know that I would have recognized the first one as ING. That added triangle on the side changes its look. The black/white one is very dramatic. I like the shading. Your cross on the last is great. I thought it was bead work at first.

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  2. Both of your ING Tiles are Great. Your ING patterns are fun and well done. Great shading on both. I love your cute little Mooka on the first tile. Your Cross tile is a real attention getter. Beautiful pattern work. It looks so real. Great post, Cris.

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  3. Oh wow! first thought when the cross scrolled into view: She’s done something with glass pebbles. It looks like a mosaic. Seriously, like a wall hanging in a monastery or something.
    So…did you get some video footage of your child coming out of anaesthesia? 😀 it’s a hoot, usually.


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