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Art this Week | Classes and Bijou and Painting


Fall Zentangle classes are in full swing: tangle club on Tuesday mornings, seniors on Wednesday afternoons, and homeschool kids on Thursday morning. This is the 4th week, and I love seeing how the students’ art evolves every week. Everyone is supportive, and the creative energy is outstanding. Here is a small sampling of some of the beautiful work being produced in class:


String Theory
String Theory class mosaic.
Simply Zentangle
Simply Zentangle kids class mosaic
Living on the Grid.JPG
Living on the Grid 1st tile class mosaic

Pure Zentangle classes are open to all, whether you want to try something new in a supportive environment or enjoy the fellowship and creativity of fellow tanglers. Limited seats are still available in all classes.  (See the class page for course catalog and registration information.)


Have I told you lately how much I love these little tiles? My students agree. Check out how cute their work is.

Bijou tangleslotsa bijou

bijou swap
CZT Bijou swap. Lovely, lovely work from my fellow Zentangle Teachers

To help you organize your tangles or protect your mini masterpieces, I now have Bijou PocketZ in the shop.  For a limited time, shipping is FREE on all Bijou pocketZ pages & tiles. Here are the swap pieces in their new “home”.

swap in pocket
Swap tiles safe in their PocketZ page. Free shipping in the shop.

I would like to fill the page. Does anyone want to swap with me?

My Art

After almost 11 months of struggle, I think this still life that was supposed to be my Mom’s (last year) Christmas present is almost done. I think just a few more shadow corrections and extra details in the crystal glasses and it will be ready to get out of my house! Yay.

Mom still life
Still life for Mom, 24 x 36 inches. Acrylic.

And, last, but not least, my Diva challenge for this week.

IMG 8636

I had a few minutes to draw, but no extra tiles, so I tangled an actual leaf. A tip: if you want to shade, use the softest pencil you can find. I used a 6B and still had to be careful not to poke holes. You can see the leaf bits on the table where I accidentally poked a hole with my white Gelly Roll. I would have liked some more white, but neither the Zenstone nor the white charcoal pencil was soft enough.

Thanks for visiting. Have a fun and artful weekend.

8 thoughts on “Art this Week | Classes and Bijou and Painting

  1. Such a wonderful Post, Cris. Your Leaf Tangle is unreal. I would have thought that it would not be possible, but there you are. Amazing, and so beautiful. Love your Still Life painting. I’m very impressed at how wonderfully you have organized your CZT training classes, and it is such a treat to see the work of your students. They have an outstanding teacher. Your Blog is so well laid out and offers so much information about Zentangles as well as your classes. You’ve created an island of creative, artistic, heaven here on the web.


  2. Beautiful work, and the mosaics from your classes are inspiring! I love love love seeing how the magic of Zentangle brings people into the space of curiosity and playfulness! I love how you tangled on an actual leaf!


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