The Best Thing about Strings

Strings are great. They give you a foundation, so you don’t have to worry about the design. Or the composition. Or the balance. They allow you to tangle mindfully, focusing solely on the beautiful black ink flowing from your pen as you draw each stroke, one at a time. They gently remind you when it may be time to switch to a different pattern, so you don’t have to stop tangling to check. The get you started quickly and easily so you can get quickly to the fun part: the tangling. But, the best thing, in my opinion, about strings, is that they are only a suggestion. Unlike the bold black lines in a coloring book that command: “stay inside the lines,” strings just suggest. If you want to follow them, OK. If you feel like going off in your a different direction, that’s also OK. A lightly drawn string will get out of your way. No eraser is necessary. Just tangle and watch that string disappear, almost like magic. (Don’t believe me? Check out this close up of Maria’s tile where she does not stay inside the lines.)

This week’s Diva Challenge is to draw a string with your eyes closed. Here is my string.

Look, ma! I'm drawing with my eyes closed.
Look, ma! I’m drawing with my eyes closed.

Is it my favorite? Honestly, no. But, I just started tangling inside the loop, the one part I liked, and then one thing just flowed into the next. I was pleasantly surprised by the little flower that grew on this tile.

Surprise! It's a flower.
Surprise! It’s a flower.

Also, do you like the Hollibaugh-style “flower bud?” That is one technique I’ll be teaching in next Tuesday’s class: “In the Hollibaugh Style.” Just pop me an e-mail to register. (Or see the Class page for full details and to see when else this class is being offered.)

14 thoughts on “The Best Thing about Strings

  1. your string looks like an L in cursive 🙂 gives some nice flowy spaces! the hollibaugh flower is pretty cool – that would definitely be a fun class!


  2. Wow! What lovely work! You are very talented. I am a zentangle newbie, and have only just discovered this amazing art form. I love the freedom you have to create whatever it is you want, without any rules. Your work is very inspiring!!


  3. No one would ever guess that this lovely flower came from a blind string. You have a very keen eye for form and your choice of patterns is inspired and inspiring. As fot the flower bud, picking my oen up even as I type…


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