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Betweed Ren-Zen

This week’s Diva challenge is to do a monotangle of betweed. Betweed is one of my favorite tangles, but when I saw Laura’s, my first thought was, “Looks just like something I would have drawn.” That caused me to do some thinking. Since I’m starting a series of Zendala classes this week, I immediately went in that direction. Since the Renaissance tiles were on my desk, and the white ones were in the Zen Den, I went with the tan.

Attempt 1 - Nice, but the middle didn't turn out how I wanted.
Attempt 1 – Nice, but I messed up the middle.

That was fun, but I thought it might be interesting to see what would happen if I changed the scale. I started a huge betweed Zendala, but abandoned it after only a few strokes because I wasn’t focusing enough and made “mistakes.” So, I did this one.

Second completion. Better.
Second completion. Better.

Happy now, and totally averse to throwing away any tile, I went back with fresh eyes to the one I had abandoned. Embracing my mistakes, I chose to turn them into a focal point. Creating a monotangle limits the options I had for doing so. Since I couldn’t use more tangles, I chose to use some orbs and color.

Betweed Zendala #3: "Orchid"
Betweed Zendala #3: “Orchid”

It turned out to be my favorite of the three. Sometimes the nicest results comes from happy accidents and limitations.

26 thoughts on “Betweed Ren-Zen

  1. all three your zendala’s are gorgeous. I don’t agree with the mess up of nr 1, I like it.
    and what about nr 3, you used the tangle inside the tangle, that is so lovely. I love all the different sizes in one. how clever. also I love the colors you used. really great zendala’s,

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  2. Hi Cris, I have been a fan of your tangles and really enjoy following your blog. I am sure you have mentioned this before but I would love to know what you use to get the rust and white colors on the tan tiles. It is so beautiful. I am new to this art but enjoy the process immensely. Happy Tangling 🙂 Sincerely, Cindy

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  3. Wonderful tiles, all three. I share your aversion to abandoning a tile, and I agree that mis-starts often yield the most creative outcomes. Your tile is evidence that this is so. Thank for continuing.

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  4. As is always the case with a finished piece, only you know there are mistakes. All three, in their different approaches, work really well. Whenever I look at your work, it sends me back to “Made in the Shade” to try to improve my shading, which tends to be rudimentary, to say the least. You are a constant inspiration, Thank you.

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