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First, I want to thank all of you who gave Birdie’s Seton a try last week. We both enjoyed seeing all of your beautiful creations. I’m sorry I didn’t have time to comment on all of them.

After reading several of the posts, I think I understand what my student meant when she said she “couldn’t do Seton.” I think she meant her tangle did not look like inspiration. That’s not a problem with her tangling; that’s a problem with her mindset. Starting with the idea that the tangle will look just like the windows – with perfect circles – leads to disappointment and misses the wonder of this tangle. The first time Birdie showed me how the “circles” appear as if by magic, I was hooked. I love being surprised at the results. I went back again to look at Pattern Play, and none of my circles are perfectly round. Maybe I can’t do Seton either?

Now, this week’s challenge by the funny and talented Holly Atwater is to use a trio of tangles: Trio, Huggins, and Xyp. THX – as in text-speak for thanks. I’m inspired to do some more tangles with hidden messages, but have to save that for another day. Here is my tile, with tangleations of XYP and Trio and a pretty standard Huggins.

challenge 193

I thought my trio looked like a family of penguins and was surprised when I went back to read the story behind this tangle and discovered that its creator, Hanny Waldburger, said it reminded her of a family also. After I did the tile, I couldn’t help but look for a picture of penguins to tangle.



IMG 9164

Since I wanted to tangle both the white and the black, I used my new gray sketchbook. I love tangling on gray!

14 thoughts on “Trio

  1. This is a real nice thing to hear Cris, that you got that “family” feeling too when drawing Trio! Your Penguins exactly mirror what I see in the pattern too! Wow! what a lovely way to show that. It confirms what I feel about the patterns: they transmit more than just a visual message and that can be used for relaxing too. Trio helps me to bring my focus inwards, it centers me. You showed in such a nice way, why ☺️. By the way, I was hoping the next new paper from Zentangle.com would be a grey one! 😉

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