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Getting Ready for Christmas

Did any of you figure out my secret message from the last post? AFK = Away From Keyboard. Alexa and Mom and I went for a few days to the beach and a short cruise to the Bahamas. Very fun, but no internet. I hope you all had a beautiful Thanksgiving.

We came back and jumped right into getting ready for Christmas. The house is ‘made fair as we are able’ as it says in the song. You are all welcome for cookies and hot chocolate, but for those who live too far away, here is a peek into our home.

Christmas DecorationsScreenshot2Screenshot3

My open house was Friday, ornament class was Saturday, and gift bags class was today. I am officially done teaching for the year, and am looking forward to spending time with friends and family and celebrating Christmas.

In case you missed the ornament class, I want to remind you that you can get it as an e-book. The stars are fun for everyone, and are especially good for entertaining children who may be looking for something to do while they are on school holiday. The kids don’t even have to tangle, because you can print pages for them to color.

The bag class today was inspired by the beautiful gift bags Marty Deckel had at Tangle U this year. Her bag was divided into squares and enhanced with lots of sparkles. In a (failed) attempt to copy hers, I started with squares and some basic tangles. Then it occurred to me that we were doing CHRISTMAS gift bags, so I began to think of how to dress up my tangles for Christmas, too. Here is the start of my list.

Chirstmas tangles

Then I realized that I could trace a quarter to make circles instead of squares, and these circles could be ornaments, and the ornaments could use a tree … Well, that is just how my mind works. So, without further ado, here is my Christmasy tangled gift bag. (Next one might even be GREEN!)

Christmas bag004

(If you are here for the Diva challenge, look closely and you’ll see Arukas on the top ornament.)

As you are getting ready for the new year in whatever way you celebrate, I wish you peace.



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