Sometimes You Just Have to Break the Rules

… the code is more what you’d call “guidelines” than actual rules. (Pirates of the Caribbean: the Black Pearl)

This week’s challenge is to use two, and only two, of the talented Margaret Bremner’s tangles: Copada and Chebucto. Both are lovely tangles and I couldn’t wait to give them a try. And try I did. After filling several pages in my sketchbook and scrapping two tiles, I decided that I’m not talented enough to do chebucto without guidelines. Even though it is “against the rules of Zentangle,” I will admit that I ended up sketching the tangle, inking it in, and then erasing the lines. I figured it was not worth the frustration!

Good thing there are no Zentangle Police.

Chebucto and Copada (tangleation)
Chebucto and Copada tangleation

Sorry I missed last week’s challenge. I spent several days sitting with Mom in the hospital and managed to shatter my new computer while I was there. It was not the best week. Glad to be back. For those who pray, please keep her in your prayers. Just got home yesterday and she is back in the hospital tonight.

19 thoughts on “Sometimes You Just Have to Break the Rules

  1. I had frustrations with Chebucto as well, and screwed it up royally in several places. And a month ago I would have trashed it. But for some reason I just left it in my notebook..I covered up what I could, I just left the rest of the lines. And it came out ok. I’m working on letting it b,e as it is. However, I totally understand your frustration, and you have to find your zen where you can. Huzzah for erasers! 😉

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  2. So, there are no mistakes in Zentangle. I believe this extends to breaking the so-called “rules” because if there are no mistakes, then arguably, one cannot break the rules. (Can you tell I’m a recovering lawyer? 😉 I too ended up with pages of rejects, pencil lines and an eraser. If the Zentangle police show up on your doorstep, call me. I have reduced rates for Diva followers. 🙂 Remember, you have the right to remain silent and the right to a lawyer…….

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  3. I am struggling with that tangle as well. I think I have it, well almost, but not with the way Margaret does it! We are all individuals. Best wishes to your mother.


  4. Rules? Who cares about rules? I use a pencil first most of the time. I love your tile and it’s spirally design. Hope all is well with your Mother, you’re both in my prayers.


  5. I’m with you Cris! Chebuckto was a struggle for me (I used a pencil too). It’s such a great pattern and I really wanted to “get it” but it was just a hot mess. I love what you did with it! I hope your mother is ok.


  6. I had the same experience this past week and did penciling first. I couldn’t catch on to chebucto and Wayne showed me three different methods of working it when the light finally dawned, but it really required a pencil for that pattern. Your piece turned out wonderful. So sorry to here about your mum…hope all goes better this next week, sending energy and prayers your direction!


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