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Happy “Valentangles” Day


Happy Valentine's Day!

Sorry for the late post. I had so many things I wanted to share this week that I thought I would never get it done.

First, I promised a full report on the Zentangle retreat at the Copper-Beech Institute, West Hartford, Connecticut. From their website: “The Copper Beech Institute is a community that values mindfulness practice and compassionate action.” What a perfect place to explore the mindfulness aspects of Zentangle. The building is one of the oldest Passionist monasteries in the US. The entire place was filled with beautiful art, and a feeling of peace welcomed us as soon as we entered. The food was delicious, and everyone who attended was friendly and caring.

Hosted by Kathy Parulski and Dr. Meredith Yuhas, the retreat featured Zentangle and origami classes, and they provided a plethora of art tools to explore. Since they asked us to refrain from using our phones in public spaces, I was hesitant to take mine out of my pocket, so I have almost no pictures to share. I can’t remember the last time I said that!

One of the classes Meredith taught was tangling on fabric. She is known for her “organic tangles,” and she inspired me. This is the result:

Valentangle bag001

I used a cookie cutter for the entwined hearts, and it was so much fun that I wanted to make a video to show you how I did it. I’m just learning to use the new video editing software, so it is “a bit rough.” I do enjoy learning new tools, but ran out of time this week! I’m going with the motto that “done is better than perfect.”

Finally, I taught 17 talented tanglers this week as we made “Valentangles.” Hope you enjoy looking at some of their creations.

Gahanna valentangle

Upper arlington cardsUA inside


Showing offCutie

Color heartsAqua heart card

Wishing you all a lovely week filled with peace and joy.

9 thoughts on “Happy “Valentangles” Day

  1. Great blog post – the retreat sounds wonderful! Love your fabric zentangle – I’m doing a bit more of that now too, and really love it! Your valentangle class looks like a lot of fun!


  2. Hi, Chris ~ these are the sweetest cards. Looks like your class had a ball. Are you able to share the template for the little folded heart card that holds a Bijou tile? I live very close to the Passionist Monastery and hope to be able to attend one of the retreats in the near future. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work.
    Roseanne (CZT 17)


    1. Here is how I made mine. Cut a strip of paper 2.25 inches wide by 7.75 inches long. Fold into thirds. On the outside of the card, on each flap, mark the center point. Draw a line from the center point to the outside edge and to one side. Cut those lines and you will have an L-shape (aka square heart.) Round the corners into curves. This takes some experimenting! I’m thinking of doing an e-book for Valentangles, but not until next year.


  3. Love your work on the bag, it’s beautiful. Your video is great, and I enjoyed watching it. It was fun to see the work of your students and the pictures of your Zen Den. Looks like a great time was had by all! Thanks to for the directions for the little holders! Off to try them out now.


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