Happy Year of the Goat

The diva challenge this week is to incorporate Chinese New Year into our tile. After a quick image search, I had grand ideas. But, alas, our domestic woes continue, and so I am hanging out at the library a lot. They have heat, running water, and reliable internet. What they do not have is access to my art supplies.

So, having just come from a black tile class, I have black tiles and gelly roll pens. Once again I was surprised by the theory of the elegance of limits. I thought I would need more colors, but I’m surprisingly happy with the result.


Today is another COLD day, so not many were willing to brave the sub-zero temperatures to come to class. But, as you can see, we made up for in quality what we lacked in quantity. Here are the beauties my intrepid students made.



Happy Chinese New Year and have a great week.

8 thoughts on “Happy Year of the Goat

  1. I’m not sure where you’re located, but a lot of people in the eastern half of the US are weather obsessed at the moment. But, most of us have heat, water and even wifi. Despite your less than ideal circumstances, you quite rose to the occasion. We were in Hong Kong and Singapore last year and your ornament would fit in perfectly for the Chinese Lunar New Years celebrations. I hope your home woes get sorted out soon.


  2. What a stunning tile! It has the feeling of fireworks in the night sky and the celebratory mood. Love the Chinese ornament shapes you used. Imagine what you would have done with your whole supply arsenal at hand. Maybe not better – this one is perfect!


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