Paint Party Fun with Brusho

It seems like forever since I got to participate in Paint Party Friday. But, Alexa and I are happily visiting my mom, where we are back with the luxuries of heat, running water, and internet, and I had time to play. A few years ago, I stumbled upon a blog talking about Brushos. There are a highly intense powdered paint pigment that at the time was only available in the UK. Undeterred, I got onto eBay.UK and bought myself a set. I played with them a few times and then they went onto the shelf until I “had time” to play more. It wasn’t until my friend Alice Hendon of The Creators Leaf did a review that I got them back out.

First, I wanted to put the powder into some shaker bottles to make it easier to apply color like Alice did. I bought some cheap glitter, emptied and cleaned the containers, and used those. Here are all my colors in their new shakers, all labeled because the powder color looks nothing like it does once you add water.
But, there was still some powder left sticking to the sides of the original containers. I couldn’t waste it. So I taped down some paper, got it wet, and started trying to extract the powder. Some of it I shook, and some I got wet and splattered on.
After first round of tangling and a bit of analysis paralysis.
With more tangling, thanks to Alice’s advice. I like it, but it still seemed to be missing somethingl
Out came the gel pens. LOVED them on this piece. Then, since I didn’t have my clear glaze, I used white charcoal and regular pencil to add highlights and shadows. Almost done.
I added just a few quick spritzes with some liquified lemon brusho powder in a spray bottle. Now I think it is done. It was supposed to be for an art journal page, but I just don’t have the heart to write on it!

I am glad so glad I took some time to play! I haven’t had this much fun working on anything in months. What was the last new product you played with and how did you like it? Please leave me a comment. I’m looking forward to trying something else new.

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