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More Fun with Art Supplies

This weekend at my mom’s has been a good one for art exploration. I had so much fun with my brushos that I did another one.


I was impatient with this one, so the colors turned all muddy and I had to put a lot of layers on top to brighten it up. I used watercolors, Inktense pencils, gelly roll, and Whispers markets.



I got these pens years ago as an inexpensive alternative to Copic markers and never used them. So, when this week’s Diva challenge is to use a new tool to tangle with, I chose those.

This journal entry is for a bird-themed prompt also. The Whispers are nice, and I like how easy the colors blend, but the point is too thick for the delicate bird, so I combined it with my trusty 01 micron.


I had fun stepping outside my comfort zone and trying something new this week. I hope you take the challenge and do the same.

21 thoughts on “More Fun with Art Supplies

  1. Your bird shows that you had very good control using your new/old pens. You really achieved gradations of color intensity—-very hard to do—IMHO. (That’s pretty intense about what a pelican will do to nourish her babies).


    1. Thanks, Suzanne. What I like best about these pens is that they come with a clear blending pen to enable that look. The pelican story surprised me also. When I read it in my daily devotions for lent, I knew I had to draw that for my zentangle art journal.


  2. Hi Cris,
    I really enjoyed your first Paint Party Brusho post and the ‘in the process pictures’. It was a different type of color look for tangles. (I’ve only used watercolor pencils for color) And this new picture with the pens added, is really great. And thanks for putting in the site links to articles like to Alice Hendon’s review. I got nice info from that. I’m gonna use my ‘saved change’ money to order that set online. You’re so good at finding the right places to draw the right patterns…
    It’s funny, it’s said that you don’t have to be an artist to tangle. But what if you are an artist? I have an artistic background and do a lot of various styles of needlework. Sometimes my perfectionist eye gets in the way of my relaxing pen work. Analysis paralysis on which tangles to use from Linda’s site. Aaaagh! 🙂 Anyway, I moved to a small town with very little artistic inspiration. Your little posts are fun and informative. Thanks for sharing and keeping us motivated! 🙂
    All the best to you.


  3. Your pelican story and illustration is beautiful. Those markers seemed to fit very well into the format. I’ve never heard of Whispers markers, but I like the way they look.


  4. I really like how subtle the blending is, especially in your mookas in the corners. It’s a delicate, detailed pelican, too. Eye catching red drop of blood. Nice work!


  5. I’ve always loved pelicans, and now I know why. Thanks for sharing that information and this beautiful piece. I do like the look of your markers. It sure is fun to use things that you’ve kind of forgotten about. You may used them more now that you’ve found them again!


  6. Can’t believe I am just now seeing this page…love your Pelican, such a sad story.
    I got copic tubes for Christmas… to find something to use them , scrapbooking??? Or journaling???? Start something, Kathy and quit bugging Cris!!


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