Zentangle · Zentangle: Black tiles

Dreaming of Summer 

This week’s Diva Challenge has me dreaming of summer. We are to use cubine and pokeroot. There is a large patch of it that grows out back. Alexa is allergic, but the chickens would devour it. So here’s “looking out the window at pokeweed. ”

The glaze pens are fun to use, but it is difficult to capture their magic in a photo.

Sometime soon, I will post pictures from last week’s diva challenge. I actually did 7 different tiles using it. And every one looks different than the next. I spent so much time tangling that I never did stop to get them uploaded!

On an entirely different subject, I invite you all to watch my daughter’s video on YouTube. She wrote the script, did the drawings, spoke, composed and performed the music, and did all of the video editing. It is only 2 minutes long, and I think it is wonderful. Please give it a Thumbs Up, and if you like it, please share with your friends. She is trying for a $5,000 scholarship, given to the most popular video. Thank you.

18 thoughts on “Dreaming of Summer 

  1. Chris, that is so 3D. The way you have used Cubine as a frame is great and the Pokeroot looks as if it is really growing. what a lovely tile. I too have been experimenting with Gelly Roll pens recently and, although I am getting the hang of them, I still have a long way to go. This makes me want to get them out and practise all the more.

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  2. Really enjoyed the video and thought it could be edited to a 1-minute commercial very easily. It was spot on in development of script, images, and message. Good luck!



  3. Your work is as inventive and as lovely as ever. Your daughter’s video is impressive and effective. I “stumbled it” and shared it on Google+ and Facebook. If there’s a specific hashtag for it, I’d be happy to tweet it too. (My contact info is on my blog home page).


  4. Sparkles and texture – very nice. Your daughter’s video is awesome. It didn’t even seem like 2 minutes. I forgot to give it the thumbs up and had to go back and do it.


  5. Wow to both! Your creation is so alive…those pens really give it the spark of liveliness. And your daughter’s work is really well done, she has a right to be confident going forward with whatever life holds for her!


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