Azure Spiral

The Diva challenge this week is to start with a spiral string. I love spirals, and I love shells. For this challenge, I started with a Brusho wash with Perfect Pearls mist that I had done for next month’s art show. Here is my starting paper and inspiration.  I was also inspired by some beautiful art that Shelley Beauch and Sonya Yencer recently shared on facebook. 


Here is my string:  

And after the first 2 hours. 

I meant to take pictures more pictures of the process, but I think it is done.  


I may like it too much to put it up for sale! Hope you enjoy this week’s challenge as much as I do.

36 thoughts on “Azure Spiral

  1. Oh WOW! This is so beautiful! I want to know more about the background color and how you did it… new media for me perhaps, as I am not familiar with this. It is stunning, and I can see why you are keeping this one to hang hopefully in your own home somewhere! One of these days, I guess I am going to have to facebook, but with school, I still really hesitate to do so.


  2. It’s amazing, Cris, the colour fits perfectly with the spiral shape, and is so bright! Congrats for the work. As art Lady Kate says, I’ll appreciate if you could share with us the way you put the colour. I only use watercolour background… don’t know any other technic. Thanks For the steps. Hasta luego amiga!


  3. Absolutely stunning! How did you achieve the silver/white outline on the tangles? Did you add that at the end?


  4. THIS IS AMAZING!!! Yup, pretty awesome…might have to just display that one as sheer awesomeness and then bring it home for your wall to enjoy daily! Great, great job!!!


  5. This is really lovely. I can understand why you would be reluctant to part with it. Thanks also for sharing your WIP photos. It helps me to try to learn from other people’s processes.


  6. WOW, WOW, WOW! Thank you so much for showing the details of string, paper and process – it’s so inspirational! Love the colours, the tangles and where you’ve placed them… just WOW!


  7. Really like the Dragonair in the middle section and the teeny little Float Fest around the outside which must have taken forever! Lovely piece.


  8. Cris, Just beautiful. I have a question on the lighter areas. Did you go over them with white charcoal for the highlights?


  9. This is a stunner! I love the Brusho background. I recently bought a 12 pc. set of Brusho & I love their vibrancy. Your spiral is so perfect against that background. Thank you for sharing the steps in making this. You are so very generous with your talent!


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