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Interesting Strings and Interesting Things

It seems like forever since I’ve written a new blog post. So sorry for neglecting you! I feel like I keep repeating myself when I say, “It’s been interesting.” (My new positive word for Murphy’s law in action.) Since I’ve last written, we’ve been to Cleveland for a robotics tournament, to Michigan to visit John’s brother, to Toronto, OH, to spend Orthodox Easter with my family; I survived a nasty allergy attack/cold/bronchitis, developed a new class, taught it at Artiscape, made pendants, bracelets, and cups to sell at Artiscape along with other Zentangle goodies, and got 12 pieces of art finished, framed, and hung at the coffeehouse. I also did the two challenges I missed, but just didn’t get around to posting them!

Quick Peek at Artiscape

If you like art at all, and since you are reading this, you probably do, get over to European Papers and sign up for her mailing list so you won’t miss next year’s gala.

First tile from Pattern Play class at Artiscape. We made booklets with tips and tangles, but we had so much to do that I didn’t even have time to take a picture of the result! Jewelry and shells for sale. See last week’s challenge tangle Fanz in the small pendant? And lots of Flux from the week before in the shell. More goodies for sale. Love my new coasters that are perfect for tiles. Soon to be in my Etsy shop

YES! I am having classes

Eek! What a shock when I brought up my blog to write this post and saw, “There are no events scheduled.” In fact, there are 4 different classes with 6 different dates to choose from. Somehow they just didn’t make it to the calendar! Here’s a link to my newsletter with the details! The website will be updated ASAP.

Art at River Road

My art is on display in Granville this month at River Road Coffeehouse, 935 River Rd. Alexa and I had a lot of fun hanging it. I’m up for a road trip if anyone wants to have coffee and tangle for a bit, just let me know.

IMG_0438 IMG_0439 IMG_0441


Diva Challenge

So, before this week’s craziness starts in full force, here are the files I did yesterday. So happy that they fit the theme of the challenge!

The Diva challenge is to trace a nearby object as an interesting string. I happened to see an interesting shadow:

Where do you get inspirations? When you tangle, you see patterns everywhere. This is the shadow of an accent table on Mom's deck.
Where do you get inspirations? When you tangle, you see patterns everywhere. This is the shadow of an accent table on Mom’s deck.

I immediately grabbed a pencil and a tile, and then I traced my cup. It was a nearby object, and I did use it for a string. (Whether or not a circle is interesting depends on what you put in it.) Here is my first interpretation of the pattern:

Tangles Used: Gneiss (center), Carpe´,  unnamed heart-shaped-thing with auras, 2 versions of the unnamed shadow-tangle.
Tangles Used: Gneiss (center), Carpe´(my tangle from the Celtic classes), unnamed heart-shaped-thing, 2 versions of the unnamed shadow-tangle.

I had so much fun with it, that I did another last night on a Renaissance tile.

Tangles used – clockwise from top – Shattuck, Scarabou (CZT-only tangle), new shadow tangle, Dragonair, Onamato, ‘Nzeppel.

Finally, here is a work-in-progress. Looks like this will be another ‘interesting’ week, what with taxes, bookkeeping, 2 new classes, and playing catch-up from spending all week getting ready for Artiscape, I doubt I will have time to finish it soon.

Unnamed shadow tangle. So, dear readers, is this already a tangle? If not, do you want step-outs? Any suggestions for a name would be gratefully appreciated.
Unnamed shadow tangle. So, dear readers, is this already a tangle? If so, please let me know who did the naming and claiming so I can give credit. If not, should it be? Do you want step-outs? Also, any suggestions for a name would be gratefully appreciated.

19 thoughts on “Interesting Strings and Interesting Things

  1. Thank you for a fascinating read as well as the chance to look at some lovely work. Whether or not a circle is simple does indeed depend on how you use it and I think yours is just great. That interpretation of wrought iron is spot on and the renaissance tile is lovely too. What colour did you use for the red/mahogany/brown bits?


    1. Thanks, Annette. Most were done with. A Micron 01 brown pen. When we buy it from Zentangle, they call it sepia, but the number on the pen is XSDK01-12, which, according to Sakura, is brown. You can get many shades with that pen, depending with layering the ink. For the other bits of brown, in the shattuck, and behind the brown pearls in the Onamato, I used a Prismacolor watercolor pencil, Terre de sienne! Wc2944. I didn’t blend with water, just used it like a regular watercolor pencil.


  2. I love your post, Cris! I have a few questions for you if you don’t mind. The pens you have on your sales table are called Microperm pens. It says that they write on plastic and glass. Do they take long to dry when you use them and can they be purchased at any art store? I have used the LePenn which is an alcohol based pen and it works great but it ended up smearing when I used the Mod Podge Dimensional Magic over it. (when you mentioned glaze on your pendants, is that what you use, Dimensional Magic by Mod Podge?) Anyway, good luck with your art exhibit this month! Your work is beautiful!! Annette


    1. Thanks so much. The Microperm dries almost instantly. I get them wholesale, so I haven’t looked elsewhere. If you can’t find them elsewhere, I have the, in my shop. (Just click on the shop! link on the main menu.) for glaze, I used Sun and Moon Glaze from


  3. I used my first Renaissance tile this week in my Providence CZT training. As evidenced by your challenge tile, there’s something about them that inspires some elegance—channeling Michaelangelo perhaps. ;’)


  4. I like all of your tiles and your new shadow tangle (at least that’s what I would call it since the inspiration was from a shadow) is beautiful. I especially love it done as a frame, but it’s really hard to pick a favorite one for this week. Great job and beautiful rendering. 🙂


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