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I am a Giant Squid

That’s right, folks. According to Google’s Earth Day Quiz, I am a Giant Squid: “You can achieve anything to which you put your mind and/or your massive tentacles.” So, to honor my earth day animal and fulfill the Diva challenge of the week: Earth Day, I present to you 2 versions of a giant squid:

Giant sqiod Zendala
Giant Squid Zendala with tangleations of: Zander, shattuck, Striping, Onomato, Purk, Fassetts, Crescent Moon, Marasu, and shadows. Floating on a sea of Printemps, mooka, verdigogh, and dragonair.
Squid 2
Unintentional Giant Squid with mooka and purk. I was playing around with shading techniques and this guy just appeared. Perhaps Google is right?

I have also been toying around more with the ‘draft’ tangle I showed last week, possible to be named “shadows.” Here it is used as a border.

Stacked and shadowed
Actually, I believe that would be a double border of Shadows. Can someone help me with the names of the other tangles?

I am beginning to like this one. I taught it in tangle-to-tangle class yesterday.

Tangle to tangle class
Exploring “shadows” in yesterday’s tangle-to-tangle class yesterday. It was well received.

I think I will publish the step-outs in next month’s newsletter. Happy Earth Day to all. If you took the google quiz, let me know what animal you are.

22 thoughts on “I am a Giant Squid

  1. Eager to see the stepouts next month……and apparently I am a Woolly Mammoth.-“Technically extinct but scientists hope to clone you (me) one day”!!

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  2. I like the idea of taking those tests, but I never feel like they quite get who I really am…seems to be the same with my astrological sign. Hmmm…not really me. Maybe I don’t know who I am and I just answer all the questions wrong. Ha! But whether or not you are a squid it’s a great description of who you are AND you sure did a fabulous job of tangling those creatures.

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  3. What a wonderful tile, I just love the squid and I’m certainly going to try some of the tangles you used. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us!

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    1. I like it NOW. I most certainly was not happy when the flower I expected to be drawing turned into a squid. I guess that is the problem with expectations. The expectation of “what might have been” robs us of the joy of what is. Thanks.


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