the diva challenge this week is to do a monotangle of tipple. We saw all kinds of tipple on our early morning walk.  

Yes, I’m at the beach. So when I heard tipple, I immediately thought: bubbles. I thought it would be cool to do some tipple as a background to highlight a few treasures from our beach combing mission. 

Since you all liked seeing the progression last week, I took a few shots along the way for you. Sorry no timestamps though. I’m on the phone and can’t even figure out how to see the time, let alone add it to the pictures.  

shells on tipple
with highlights on the bubbles
and a little watercolor shadow
finished up with sepia tiny tipple sand.

 Having a wonderful time. Wish you were here!

22 thoughts on “Bubbles!

  1. I’ve thought about tangling on rocks before but your idea of adding real items to the tile is brilliant. Everyone adores shells, glad you enjoy beach combing.


  2. exquisite! really, it takes my breath away. The bubbles are done so perfectly, and the addition of the brown “sand” tipples…just beautiful!


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