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Tints on Tan – Product Review

If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll know that I was at CanTangle last week, a seminar for CZTs in Regina, Saskatchewan. It was an amazing experience, and I got to learn from some Zentangle “rock stars:” Margaret Bremner, Molly Hollibaugh, Brenda Shaver, Bette Abdu, Laura Harms (aka “The Diva”), and our hostess with the mostest, Lisa Heron. Everything was incredible.

Besides the wonderful location, the camaraderie, and the classes, we had PRIZES. Lots and lots of prizes. It was my lucky week. I won art from Margaret, a watercolor sketch kit, and the Tints on Tan (TM) Seaside Edition Kit.

This magical kit comes from the creative minds of CZTs Marty Deckle and Jenny Peruzzi. It is a beautifully packaged, complete-with-everything kit. I was put off by the price and conceitedly thought, “I already know how to use colored pencil and Renaissance tiles. I don’t need this.” I was never so glad to be proven wrong.

Marty’s instructions are clear, complete, and so easy to follow. It is as if she is there to walk you through each step. And there are many more steps than I would have thought. She truly shares all of her secrets. The result is beautiful. I was thrilled with my first attempt:

TintsOnTan001 web

The kit comes with Renaissance tiles, but I wanted more room to work, so I chose a Zendala to complete my project. I still can’t get over how well it turned out. It was pretty after the tangling, but Marty’s instruction and techniques just make everything glow and pop off the page. Instead of just tangling and then shading, she takes you on an artistic journey with colored pencil and Tombow marker.

It was so much fun that I immediately started another. This time, I used a pre-strung Zendala instead of using shells for the string. I  wanted to keep it organic and sea-inspired so I used the string as a suggestion, ignoring many of the sections. I’m not quite so happy with the results, but it was a fun project.

TintsOnTan002 web

My third attempt, using organic tangles for this week’s challenge, turned out better, but still not as amazing as the first one. I guess I still have more to learn.

TintsOnTan003 web
Aquafleur, Poke-leaf, zinger, and flowers inspired by my daughter’s confirmation dress. (If no one else has already named and claimed it, I will call it “Isidore,” her confirmation name.)

Marty and Jenny are going to do a Tints on Tan: Fall Edition. Start saving your pennies, folks. If it is anything like this one, it will be worth every last one. If you are not on their list, sign up at ‘tints on tan AT gmail dot com’ to get notified when they are available. (No, this is not a paid endorsement. But, Marty and Jenny, if you want to send me an evaluation copy, I’m OK with that!)

11 thoughts on “Tints on Tan – Product Review

  1. I resisted buying the kit at CanTangle because of the price too… but now I regret not getting it because you make a great case for the value! Your three tiles are exquisite! My favourite is the second one – just stunning!


  2. Cris, thank you for your wonderful review! Your tiles illustrate Marty’s technique beautifully. Much time is spent and care is taken in the preparation of the kits. Tints on Tan™ is a technique that goes far beyond the materials we provide.


  3. Where can you order Tints on Tan. I know you said they were sold out of Seaside but I have been unable to find a website.


  4. Hi Again, So anxious to find out where I can order the TM Seaside Edition Kit / Tints on Tan by
    Marty Deckle & Jenny Peruzzi .?? I am soooo inspired by the tiles that you created, and I just have
    to have this kit no matter what the price. I will appreciate your help. I’ve googled it many different ways
    to NO AVAIL. !!!
    Gail G. in Fruitport Michigan


  5. Cris…these tangles are beautiful. I have so much to learn and am grateful I am able to take your classes. Don’t give up teaching…I am still a beginner!


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