Undiala and Friends

This week’s Diva Challenge guest blogger Sharla Hicks, challenged us to use our favorite undulating tangles. This is no challenge at all. I love this kind of tangle! Here is what I’ve been working on to calm myself before surgery in the morning.

flux, undiala, and the start of Margaret Bremner's sez tangleation called pixioze.
flux, undiala, and the start of Margaret Bremner’s sez tangleation called pixioze.
Done except for shading.
Done except for shading.


The last 2 weeks, I’ve been tangling on smooth paper. I think it is too hard to shade well on it. I like the idea of working in a sketchbook much better than actually doing it. I found it awkward to work in. It is back to loose watercolor paper or tiles when I get back to tangling. I’m off to the hospital in 5 hours so I should get some rest. Please keep me and my surgeon in your thoughts and prayers that all goes according to plans.

23 thoughts on “Undiala and Friends

  1. What a fabulous drawing, it must have taken ages to do. I hope all goes well with your surgery and get well soon,


  2. Everything is bound to be good, Cris! Speedy recovery to you!

    You get a nice picture – very nice! Such spectacular shade! And yet, I really liked how you have changed pixioze and made it look like a rose 🙂


  3. I hope your surgery goes well and that you and your daughter will still be able to go to Europe…Your undiala is beautiful….I will try it soon. Keep the faith and everything will be fine..


  4. Gorgeous work! My thoughts are with you today, hoping you will recover quickly and get back to the fabulous tangling – and shading – that has made you a tangle star!


  5. Love the flux. On the Pixioze like the variation where the circles are off center. Makes it look like a flower. Since I saw your post about hoping you could to home assuming that things went well with the surgery. Hope your recoup goes smoothly also.


  6. Thanks for showing us your process. The end result is lovely. I’m glad you could resort to tangling before your surgery. I can think of a few life events in my past when it would have been very comforting had I already been a tangler. I’m sending positive thoughts from Brigantine, New Jersey for your surgery and recovery.


  7. This looks beautiful! And thank you for showing your progress photos. The end product is well worth it. Best wishes to you and healing hugs and prayers coming your way.


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