Not Exactly “Gourd”geous

While Birdie and I were off exploring the world, a new tangle came to Maria. And, of course, it is the Diva challenge this week. Maria’s work, as always, was gorgeous. And it also looks a bit like gourds. Hence, the name: gourdgeous.

As usual, I thought I remembered the step-outs. But, as often is the case, none of mine were turning out “right.” As you can see, there are quite a few things in this tile that are at all not gourd-like.  I finally broke down and went to read the instructions. Can you spot the one I did when I followed the step-outs?


I thought I was going to hate this piece when I started. I certainly wouldn’t call it gourdgeous, but I think it ended up kind of cute. Hope you like it.

I brought a ton of art supplies on our trip but every time I thought about using them, it felt like work. I guess that is me feeling guilty for not working on a new book. In any case, It feels good to be back tangling.

13 thoughts on “Not Exactly “Gourd”geous

  1. Cris
    I have been thinking about you enjoying the world on your trip . You told me about it at CanTangle . I looked at the website today to check the price for your books and saw you were away .
    Take care


  2. Lovely tile, I think I can see three that you did after seeing the step out. I love the unfilled gourd, it makes it much more elegant.

    The trouble with new art supplies when I get them is that I don’t want to use them as it might squander them and then they are gone when they would have been great for a special project. I end up with tons of stuff untouched as I am saving it for ‘best’ lol

    Great to see you back posting again, so I am hoping you are now recovered,


  3. Who cares if you remembered the stepouts or not? What you did was wonderful, and isn’t this how some of our most lovely tangleations or even new tangles are created? Such lovely work.


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