Praying for Paris

I’ve had Paris on my mind and in my prayers since I heard about the tragedy late Friday. When I saw the viral Eiffel Tower peace sign, I wanted to do something similar with Zentangle.

This week’s Diva challenge This week’s Diva challenge seemed perfect for that. The triangular shape of the challenge tangle Tripoli seems to lend  itself to the triangular tower.

Laura gives good tips for drawing Tripoli. I would suggest another: don’t draw it too small. I made that mistake on my first attempt.

Paris/Tripoli 1

As you can see, I was inspired by Alexa’s earring. I may finish that one someday, but not today. For the next tile, I incorporated it into the piece.


Not  sure if that one is done either, but  I  am  too  sad to  do more.

17 thoughts on “Praying for Paris

  1. It’s very, very beautiful, even though the impulse for doing it is so terrible. As Suzanne says, it’s is a constructive outlet. More people should find these…..Axxx


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