Following Trends

Lately, everywhere I look, I see coloring books. On Facebook, everyone seems to be posting ZIAs – Zentangle Inspired Art using lots of colors. I used to love to color as a child. I love to paint. I love color. I did a few ZIAs this week that made me realize I need to either stick to more traditional Zentangle or practice some more using color with tangles.

IMG 5350

This is 10×12 and done with Intense pencils. I was experimenting with trying to get a soft background. I succeeded in wrinkling and tearing up the paper.

IMG 5363

I found a Zendala tile that I had strung and abandoned, so I thought it would be fun to see if I could do something interesting using Hollibaugh, the Diva challenge this week. I added color with what was to hand on my desk: Whispers markers, Prismacolor pencils, and a Krylon 18kt gold leafing pen. This is definitely not what I had in mind when I started!

I have three days in Chicago this weekend to practice before another trend comes along.

I am so thankful for each of you that reads and comments on this blog. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

12 thoughts on “Following Trends

  1. I’m still trying to figure out this big thrill of coloring. As a child my parents wouldn’t buy me coloring books. They instead went the traditional route of construction paper, markers, scissors and books on how to draw. Even now I prefer going this route, just coloring, no matter how good or bad is rather a bore. I’m sure I’ll be commented on this.


  2. When I first started going to craft classes to improve my skills in making cards and journals, the time when all the chatter ceased and calm reigned was when we were colouring. Since then, I have discovered Zentangle and the calming effect has doubled, trebled, who knows? But I can see why people like colouring – it’s stressless because it does not require drawing skills. For me now, like Marguerite above, it is a little boring but I’ve found something so much more satisfying. Maybe they will too. Now I want to be able to draw like you do, Chris.

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  3. I think your work is wonderful, especially the leafy one, as Hollibaugh is not one of my favorite tangles. It`s graceful, well-balanced and I love how you have mixed the colours.


  4. I love both your tiles. The one with all the organic shapes is beautiful. You did a wonderful job in using color with that one for sure. The Zendala with Hollibaugh is great! I love what you did with the color on that one too.

    I know what you mean about just coloring. That isn’t very much fun. But I know when I draw something myself I can see just what the colors need to be and I play with colored pencils and I’m trying out watercolors. Always something new to learn.


  5. Maybe colouring isn’t too much fun for you to do but what you have done certainly has the ‘wow’ factor! I love your Hollibaugh zendala too. Lovely.


  6. I love both the (very different!) pieces you created. And, should we really choose ‘colors of traditional’? Can’t we do both next to each other?


  7. I love to color, even with crayons. I have never thought of it as boring. Most of the masters drew first and added color second. We don’t traditionally add color to Zentangle because of the added “stress”. Isn’t it nice that we all have different ideas of color and of stress or relaxation. In any case, I love what you created with the beauty of color added.


  8. Love the art of coloring, and the coloring books they have offered recently. My daughter bought me one for my Anniversary back in Feb…I can add my own (zen)tangles to it. Can’t wait for class on Wednesday the 2nd 🙂


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