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Isn’t it amazing how something as tiny and delicate as a snowflake can get together with enough of its friends to make something really big? I hope everyone who was affected by these gangs of snowflake bullies is digging out and life is getting back to normal.

Here in Ohio, we got barely a dusting, and we were lucky enough to get some really cool pictures. I was amazed at how much detail we could capture with my iPhone.

Then we got smart and went in to get the Olympus Tough. It is a point-and-shoot, but it has a super macro mode. I think snowflakes are simply amazing.

Our journal challenge theme this week is “as unique as a snowflake.” Cherryl Moote is so smart. How did she know? I had SO much fun with this one. Unlike last week, I didn’t over-think it  and had a blast  putting it   together.

tangled-lives2016-wk3-14 copy
Here is the final version. I would like to redo it with proper grammar and better lettering, but it makes me happy, so is a success.

Here is a slide-show of the steps.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Finally, what you’ve all been waiting for: my Diva Challenge. Her challenge this week is to magnify a tangle and use it as a string. I immediately wondered what paradox would look like if I tried to tangle paradox inside paradox. It almost made my head explode thinking about it, so I went with Mooka instead. And, of course, it needed “snow.” So, I used aah for the snow, msst for the icicles, and did it on a black tile so that I could draw the snow and ice in white.

Big mooka with aah and msst. I had forgotten how much mooka can look like a family. Wouldn’t this make a lovely valentine if it were done in different colors?

Stay warm, everyone. See you next week.

22 thoughts on “SNOW!

  1. I adore your newest journal page Cris! I think your snowflakes are beautiful and that your lettering rocks. BTW, your journal page title seems gramatically perfect to me (and to Microsoft Word). Please keep them coming. I could not find a link to the slide show. Maybe I am missing something.

    Pegi Schargel, CZT14

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    1. Sorry about the slide show being invisible. I don’t know why. Is nothing showing up below the “Here is a slideshow of the steps” or is it just a static picture? What I MEANT to write is: “Just like people do, snowflakes each take…” Snowflakes should be plural because ‘people’ is plural, and the ‘do’ lets you compare a clause with a clause instead of a noun with a clause. Eek. My grammar nerd is showing.

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      1. Sorry I was unclear. The problem was in the on this posting that I received. There was no slide show showing up underneath where is says there is a slide show… The text just continued with the next paragraph. Cris, it is beautifully showing on your webpage.


  2. *Gasp* That tile so beautiful. How can something so simple be so spine tingling! I love your snow photo’s too, I want to go out and try some myself but at this rate it doesn’t look like we will get any snow this year.

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  3. What gorgeous photos! I know you must have been right on top of those snowflakes as they fell, because of course, they would melt if you took them inside! I particularly liked the renegade four-pointer!

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    1. They fell on my daughter’s black coat. In fairness, she is the one who noticed, and called for the phone. Then she took off her coat and stood in the freezing cold to get more pictures. She takes after her mom 🙂


  4. I can’t stop looking at that tile, Chris. It is so gorgeous & soft looking!
    Beautiful journal page, too, and , of course, what’s not to like about snowflakes. Unless they’re all ganging up on you, of course.:)

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    1. Thanks. Sometimes tiles just work with almost no effort. And it is always a surprise:-) To get that soft look, I lightly used my Zenstone, then blended it with my regular blending stump which still had graphite. I added a little more Zenstone, and finally went in with my white charcoal pencil to put in some bright highlights at the tops of the stems.

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  5. Great photos and beautiful journal and tile. We have a coffee table book of snowflake photos that I can page through for more time than I care to admit!

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  6. We’ve certainly been consumed with snow, in the macro sense, here in Philadelphia. I remember being fascinated by individual snowflakes and looking for them when I was a child. Your phone camera photos of them are beautiful. I’ll be giving that a try if we have more snow. (Mother Nature, you can hold off for awhile. I can wait.) Your snowflake art is also quite beautiful. (I could see the slide show). I didn’t realize they were stencils before I saw that. I like your snowy Mooka. Pardox withing Paradox? Definitely mind blowing. 😉

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  7. Liked the pictures of the snow flakes. We only got a dusting as well. When you get as many of them as the east coast did they can present major problems. Glad that we missed it. Like the Mooka. I thought about doing that tangle but I had done similar things with it before and wanted to do something entirely different.

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  8. Your snowflake art is amazing. Who knew an Iphone could show that wonderful macro detail. Your snowflake journal is magical, love it all.


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