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Playing with Color

This week’s journal challenge was to use color. Actually, there was more to it than that, but I just went with that.  Rendering a rainbow in watercolor was harder than I expected.


This week’s Diva challenge is to use the new official tangle Molygon. Well, I’ve used it plenty last month, even teaching  it at a beginner class. One thing I noticed is that I cannot seem to draw my shapes the same size. They tend to get larger and smaller, so I wondered would they “fit” if they were all exactly the same size.

I thought about carving a stamp, but ended up just using scissors to cut some excess self-adhesive stamp rubber into the molygon shape and mounting it on a clear block.  molygon-renzen-stamp1molygon-renzen-stamp2

Yep, moygon works if the shapes are identical!

But, it was boring, so I shaded it. Or colored, depending on your point of view. It was really fun in any case.

I had a request for a Renaissance shading book. Would any of you be interested in such a book?



24 thoughts on “Playing with Color

  1. Love your journal entry, you even managed to do a rainbow reflected in the water below! Your Molygon Zendala is great, it looks as though it is piled on top of each other.

    I have found your other books extremely helpful and yes I would be very interested in a Renaissance shading book.

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  2. Wonderful Molygon Cris! The colouring looks so rich! As a newbie to Zentangle, your art is such an inspiration to me. I have been searching on line for direction and hints for working with Renaissance tiles and Tints on Tan. Which colour pens to use when, how to colour and shade. I’m also having a hard time finding out where to purchase appropriate materials. So, YES!!! I would love to see a Renaissance colour/shading Workbook!!

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