A Touch of Green

This week the Diva challenge is to do something Irish. Perfect as I am teaching a Celtic class on Wednesday.

For this challenge, I used a stencil, but wanted to do something a bit different, so I put it down twice and used that as my string.



I discovered that the stencil doesn’t really like to be used that way, but I forced it! I couldn’t make it do what I wanted, but got an interesting string nonetheless. It took several attempts and much erasing, but that is what happens when you have an idea of what you want instead of doing the Zentangle process and just seeing how it goes.


My daughter thought it would look good with a watercolor background, but I wanted to make sure the aura stayed white, so I went over it with my white Signo pen.


Then I put down some light pencil with 3 shades of green using my InkTense pencils.


I thought it would be interesting to spray it with a light mist of water. I love how well Zentangle tiles take getting wet. It curled up, but flattened right back to shape once I hit it with a blow dryer.


This washed out too much of the color, so I went back in with regular prismacolors for a bit of shading. I couldn’t resist making the orbs into gems.


Hope you enjoy the result. I do. May the luck of the Irish be with you this week.

19 thoughts on “A Touch of Green

  1. This is great but I’m curious about the gems. I find them quite hard to do, especially small ones, so I’m wondering how big this piece is. I like your experiments with colour and I so sympathise with having to make the stencil fit what you wanted.


      1. I don’t have it yet but it looks like it’ll have to go on the wish list. I can’t believe you managed to get them so small and yet perfect. I have a long way to go. (But the journey is fun…)

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  2. What a lovely response to the Diva’s challenge. I like the shades of green you chose. Glad the stencil thing worked out in the end. Delighted to hear you may be travelling to Ireland in September. We must see if there might be an opportunity to meet up.

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