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B is for Breathe – #atozchallenge Day 2

Breathe with tangles BTL JOOS  by Sandy Bartholomew   and my tangle  BROZ

Take a deep, cleansing breath or two before you begin to work on your Zentangle. This simple act is a great way to begin your Zentangle practice as it can help you relax and pay attention to the here and now. As you tangle, continue to pay attention to your breathing.

Often, when we are tense or in pain or afraid, we hold our breath. That is the opposite of what we should do.

Deep, proper breathing

  • releases toxins and tensions
  • relieves pain
  • brings clarity
  • boosts energy levels,
  • helps you feel better, and more…

So, don’t forget to breathe! For more benefits of deep breathing, see One Powerful Word or  Live Strong.

10 thoughts on “B is for Breathe – #atozchallenge Day 2

  1. Just back from a 2.5 mile walk and applaud the value of deep breathing – in through the nose, out through the mouth. Glad you point this out Cris.

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  2. Breathing is an excellent thing to do. I am still recovering from a virus with a post-viral cough that just won’t give up, and breathing is so difficult to do properly. I cannot wait to be able to breathe without having to think about it, so I can think about it and enjoy the depth of it.


      1. Thanks! Soon! I was told in another week or so. I’m at around 90% ok right now, so just hanging on to that last 10% of coughing and difficulty. Come on lungs!


  3. OMG I am so happy I found you !!! Love, love, love zentangle but in need of instruction. I am going to check back here often. I need to just learn how to breathe. My life is so full of stress right now this could definitely help !!! Blessings ❤

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